White Doves or balloons?

download Think twice next time you are considering releasing something in the sky, think about the birds, the one's you could release (who are trained to come home) and the one's you may kill as a result of releasing those balloons.

I have always thought that balloons could not be a natural or safe way to celebrate any event. I would never consider throwing plastic or the likes of it on the ground or out my car window knowing that I would be polluting the very planet I live on.

So why would I intentionally release a balloon with a string attached to it, in the sky...and forget that what goes up must come down?

Many people love watching balloons fade off into the horizon at celebrations whether they are funerals, birthdays, or parades. There is something sweet about witnessing the air currents carry ones prayers and wishes symbolically attached to the balloons into the sky with nature's wind current slowly carrying them up and away until you can no longer view them. I have personally witnessed how endearing this can be especially for a family suffering from the loss of a loved one. However at what cost is this symbolism and what will remain of the balloon when it finally makes it's way back to earth?

Would you like to know more about why balloons are not the best choice? dove & mtn.

Read more at the following link where a couple of beach roaming women decided to do something about educating people about the real hazards of releasing balloons. Apparently they personally witnessed with their own eyes the kind of damage "balloon remains" can cause wildlife and habitats.

Balloons Blow ...Don't let them go!

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