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Enjoy this short and moving video...

Julia, we were so blessed by the symbolism and beauty of the Trinity release and the beautiful, gentle words you spoke in explanation. So many of our friends and family told us how blessed they were. It was a beautiful closing to the Celebration of Life service we gave for our beloved mother, Helen Allison. Thank you, again, for your ministry to grieving families. Many thanks and blessings, Claudette Scott July 2014

Funeral Services, Memorial Services, or Celebrations of Life:
Have you lost a loved one? Are you grieving? Saying goodbye in a manner we feel is appropriate is so important to the healing process. No matter how you say goodbye, incorporating a dove release into your plans will add a measure of beauty and grace to an otherwise sad and sorrowful day. Asheville Funeral Homes have been recommending our services since 2005 as a unique addition to funerals and memorials.
Whether you release one dove to represent the soul of your loved one, four doves representing the Trinity, or a flock that holds special symbolism for you and your family, doves will add a special touch to any memorial, funeral service or celebration of life ceremony and bring comfort to all who witness it.
The Trinity, our most popular release consists of three doves who may represent angel escorts or the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for people of Christian faith. The single dove represents the soul of your loved one. These escorts symbolize guides who symbolically lead and guide your loved one on their new path. After being released, the doves join in flight flying off together into the horizon and then return to their home to their North Asheville location.

Are you preplanning or working with an Asheville funeral home or your own local funeral home? Both local Asheville NC funeral homes and funeral homes within 90 miles of Asheville, NC will help you incorporate our white dove release into your funeral service ceremony. Just ask your funeral director and have him contact us or you may contact us directly and we will work with your funeral home and director.

The Trinty Dove Release is a short symbolic presentation that is offered prior to the releasing of the doves. Friends or family members may participate in the release by opening the baskets. Watch this short video of the dove release accompanied by local artist Donna Germano's , Amazing Grace.

The Trinity Release presented at my husband's memorial service was beautiful and very meaningful. I would recommend it to anyone! Cheyrl Black/ October 2010

How does this work?
As professionals, dressed appropriately, we arrive prior to the ceremony with a cloth covered table and appropriate baskets in white or brown. Whether you are working with an Asheville NC funeral home or a local one , we will coordinate with you prior to the funeral service. Most commonly the white dove release is the finale of your memorial or funeral service. If you are using a funeral director, they will ask your family to step outside the tent so you may easily view the dove release. 2013-03-24 15.13.14 You or your family members may participate in opening the baskets as an option. Background music may be played and there are a number of beautiful dove related poems you may choose from. Following the release we will give you a printed copy of the presentation which includes the name of your loved one and the date of the service.

Do you have young children attending the service? Ask us, or your funeral director about bringing a small tame hand held Ringneck dove to present to the children for petting following the memorial or funeral service. This will bring comfort and fond memories for young children who do not quite understand what has taken place.

Has the memorial or funeral service already taken place?

True, the funeral service for your loved one may be over however you will still want to remember your loved one in the days, months and years to come whether it be an anniversary, birthday, or another date that is meaningful to the memory your loved one. Asheville White Dove Releases can create a personalized memorial service and ceremony to help you do this.
Choose a special location for your memorial service and we will work with your local or Asheville NC funeral home on creating a beautiful presentation for your family and friends.
Remember your loved one with a flight of doves and celebrate their life and legacy... th

Please feel free to contact us, your local funeral home or Asheville NC funeral home for prices and packages, basket options, music, and poems to personalize your funeral or memorial ceremony.

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