A Special Dove Story...Update

Mareta 4-3-13

Mareta 4-3-13

Perhaps you read the previous post of this amazing story of the white dove that survived a hawk attack last month during a white dove release on March 9th, 2013. As I previously stated, occasionally there are attacks from predators and this is something we cannot avoid if these birds are given the freedom to fly, which is their nature and delight.

Groce Funeral Home graciously shared a version of this story on their Groce Funeral Home/facebook page if you are interested in reading it.

I would like to share the following exert from their post: Mrs. Morgan's daughter has written to us (Groce Funeral Home) and says, "Dale, I can't tell you how much this has meant to my family. God works in mysterious ways. This bird so represent's my mom's strength and fighting spirit. What a blessing!"

Mareta is continuing to gain strength each day since her incredible attack. She is a small dove, petite in size, yet shows great tenacity in her ability to recover from her almost fatal incident.

I saw Mareta the other day flying within the loft and enjoying the outside porch. Her wound, although visible, is healing quite well. I can see new pin feathers surrounding the affected area.

And just today I watched as Mareta ventured out for the first time since her attack from the loft into the yard to enjoy the wet grass from the rain with the other birds. Then suddenly in a moments time I saw her take flight with the flock.
Amazing! Wow, in just 3 weeks, Mareta is back at flying!
She circled twice but she knew her limits returning to the loft...for supper. What a spirit she has for survival! Yeah!

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