A Special Dove Story Update....continued

Mareta5-9-13 On March 9th of 2013 a funeral service was held for Mareta Morgan at the Green Hills Cemetery in Asheville, NC where a white dove release was presented as a tribute to her life. Unfortunately the final bird was attacked by a hawk which has rarely occurred in the 8 years I have been presenting dove releases however on this day it happened to one young bird. Following the service I found the small dove, severely injured, who was miraculously alive, brought her home and witnessed her will to survive. I named her Mareta and was able to establish communication with the daughter of the deceased. It seems, Mareta the dove kind of became a testimonial to the strength and tenacity of her mother, Mareta, and therefore represented something very special to this family.

I am happy to share that now two months later to date, Mareta the dove appears fully healed. She recovered most amazingly and is flying here at the house and loft with all the other birds as though she had never had a brush with death.

Notice how you can barely see the spot on her Mareta's chest...and how she holds her head up proud. May your will to live and your strength of flight be ours to behold, dear Mareta the dove.

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  1. Carol Tyndall says:

    Mareta looks beautiful and proud! Thank you for keeping us "abreast" of this story. It still makes me think about my mama and how much I loved her.

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